Are You in Goblin Mode?

Today I learned about goblin mode. Some of you know about it, especially if you spend a good bit of time on TikTok. I'm on TikTok but somehow missed this trend. Still, as a fantasy writer, once I saw the term, I had to find out more about it.

What is goblin mode?

This article showed up in a newsletter called 1440 that I get daily with quick snippets of news around the world.  According to the article in The Guardian, written by Kari Paul, goblin mode has grown out of the extended pandemic and it

"...embraces the comforts of depravity: spending the day in bed watching 90 Day FiancĂ© on mute while scrolling endlessly through social media, pouring the end of a bag of chips in your mouth; downing Eggo toaster oven waffles with hot sauce over the sink because you can’t be bothered to put them on a plate. Leaving the house in your pajamas and socks only to get a single Diet Coke from the bodega."

I'm mentioning this for two reasons. One, I'm curious about the demographics of the people who do this. Two, I can see where authors might succumb to elements of this lifestyle. 

Do authors experience goblin mode?

It's historically been a work-from-home role, so I'm thinking some authors might have lived this way all along. The thing is, I don't know if they do or they don't. I have some author friends who've joked on social media that they forgot how to wear make-up and dress appropriately for the public eye. Does that mean they've slipped into goblin mode? Maybe, based on the article.

What about readers? 

Instead of binging a show, are they gobbling up books as fast as they can while satisfying the munchies and getting crumbs everywhere? 

It intrigues me because I love examining human nature. Duh, right? I'm a writer. Of course, human nature intrigues me.

What about me?

I have never been a person who spends all day in their pajamas. A point of friend of mine loves to joke about. I don't feel right if I don't get up and get dressed. In fact, I have a routine--somewhat tweaked by getting the grands up and going--that's pretty straightforward.

  • Wake up
  • Do stretches in bed
  • Get up
  • Do exercises
  • Get dressed, including hair, make-up, and contact lenses
  • Make my smoothie
  • Brush my teeth
  • Make my hot tea
  • Get to work

This is how I operate. If I'm delayed getting dressed or putting in my contacts by something with the grands, I feel gross. If I skip my exercises, my fibromyalgia finds ways to mess with my day. I feel yuck until all of this gets done.

The only time I came close to goblin mode might be while I had Covid. I got up but skipped the exercises because of the exhaustion that comes with the disease. I did do the stretches in bed, though. Unless I felt like I could go back to sleep, I even put in my contacts. Why? Because I feel like I'm in a fish bowl when I wear my glasses. Trust me, the Rx is really strong. You may have heard about thinner lenses, but for me, even with thinner options, we're talking Coke-bottle thickness. I can't read as well up close with my glasses on either. We haven't gotten that Rx exactly right.

So, I don't foresee me slipping into goblin mode. I'd be too uncomfortable.

I can see the appeal, though. I just know I'd be miserable.

What about you? Are you in goblin mode?


Valerie Norris said…
I bet I’m that friend! I still tell people about coming out of the time-share bedroom in my pajamas and finding your mom fully dressed and made up, and you not far behind, all ready for the day! (Before my next overnight stay I asked my host, “Are you pajama people?” She said, “Some days we never get out of them!” I said, “I’ve found my people!”)
Valerie, Of course you're that friend. But to be fair, my mom only wore make-up when she went out. Dressed and coiffed for sure, just no make up for her. Me, yep, the whole bit, at least the little bit I wear.

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