Help! I Need A Book to Read

I've been reading a lot of books lately, many of them on audio since I seem to be always on the go. For some reason, I've hit a dry spell where nothing really jumps out at me. I'm still reading, but I want a book to enthrall me. Not sure why this is happening, but usually when it does, I need to step away from my preferred genre of fantasy for a short while. Read something else.

Summer break is just around the corner, so maybe I need to pick up some beach reads. Of course, for me beach read doesn't always mean light and easy. A few years ago, I read the life of Mary Queen of Scots while on vacation. See? I still like to engage my brain while being entertained.

The same goes for movies. We took the grands to see the latest Fantastic Beasts movie. I hoped for something amazing and enthralling, but this one falls short. I've felt that about the previous movies in this series, too, but this one is definitely the least entertaining. The story line just doesn't gel.

Will I go see the next one when it comes out? Probably. The wizarding universe still intrigues me. 

Maybe I'll find some great books to read after this weekend. I'm headed to AtomaCon in North Charleston, SC, so if you're in the Charleston, SC area, come see me. I'll have an author table, appear on several panels (schedule below), and try to check out some of the film festival. I do love getting away to talk about books and writing and all things related.

Just in case I don't find something to hold my attention, feel free to leave your book and movie suggestions in the comments. I'll read most genres, so don't limit yourself.


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