Imaginarium Bound

I'm headed for Imaginarium this week. This hybrid writing conference/science fiction & fantasy con is a great event in Louisville, KY. Last year, I met the wonderful leaders, Holly Phillipe and Stephen Zimmerman, and all of their crew and loved every minute of it. It probably didn't hurt that The Watchers of Moniah won the Imadginn Award for Best Fantasy, either. FYI, The Watchers in Exile is a Finalist this year. I'm up against two great authors, so I'm not holding my breath for a repeat performance.

Here's my schedule if you're going to be at Imaginarium. 

If not, check it out anyway and keep me in mind for any upcoming events you're connected to. I love getting out to meet with readers and writers, and as a corporate trainer, I love using my skills to teach  other writers.


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