A Week Where Nothing Gets Done

I'm having one of those weeks. You know the kind. The week where you can't seem to get energized about anything. Because that's definitely happening, I'm not succeeding at much. Big surprise there, right? Instead, my focus--which usually is on target--is all over the place.

First the good news. I just got confirmation from CONjuration for November, so I'll be headed there in a couple of months, and Imaginarium has already asked me back for next July. Hmm. I need to update my appearances page on this website. Look for those updates next week though. I don't think I can focus to get it done today.

I'm just all over the place.

For instance, I signed up for some webinars this week. Luckily, I get the recordings because I've only been able to handle short periods of attendance at any of them so far.

Then there's the audiobooks I've been listening to. Occasionally, I find something outside of the fantasy genre that appeals to me. The timing has to be right, but when it is, I can gobble up books in other genres. This time it's heartwarming fiction. Surprised? I read eclectically, but like I said, I have to be in the right mindset. These stories are sweet and the dragons or evil ones are regular people who aren't truly bad, just misunderstood. After the chaos of the last month of summer, I guess I just needed something cute to read. A lot! I'm on the third book! I know most of my readers won't be interested, but it's the Cobbled Court Quilt series by Marie Bostwick. It makes me want to take up quilting, which is hilarious since my abilities are limited to sewing on a button.

I've not completely stepped away from reading fantasy. On my Kindle, I'm reading Shannon Mayer's third book in the Nix series, Rise of a Phoenix. I fell behind in this series and am trying to catch back up. Then the other day, I picked up a book on swans that I asked for a while back for some research. You never know. A swan might show up in my writing some day in the future.

As much as I love reading, I need to finish editing my current novel and some short stories. I've submitted a couple of short stories and have three more in my plans. One is earmarked as a special treat for my newsletter readers. If you don't subscribe to my newsletter, you can get a bonus scene from my first book, The Watchers of Moniah, just for subscribing. Subscribers get extra goodies, advance notice of contests, and more. Plus, except for special announcements, I only send out one newsletter per month. You can subscribe here.

Besides literary pursuits, I needed to find a photograph from a time before I used digital cameras. So yesterday, I sat in my office floor digging through old photographs. It was hard to stop once I started. I need to scan all of those photographs into my computer or do something with them. It's a shame to have those memories stuck in a box. I guess I'm too distracted to succumb to the temptation this week, but it's poking at me now to do it.

Have I told you my daughter is getting married in October? I still have a lot to prepare for that. Not as much as she's been doing, but I'm responsible for getting everything ready for the grands who are in the wedding. Any clue where I can find brown dress shoes for an eleven-year-old boy? Or any dress shoes for that matter? I might have to order them online, but I don't like to do that with shoes. They really need to fit well. (That's one of my cardinal rules: Get shoes that fit and are comfortable. It's worth a little extra since your feet are your foundational support.)

I picked up a card from an herbalist over the weekend while I was attending the Upstate Renaissance Faire. I need to schedule time to talk to her. (It's on my To Do list, and the card is beside my computer.) This is important if I'm going to finishing editing my current novel.

Our hardwood floors need to be redone. I tried looking up companies for that job yesterday. I couldn't believe how many there were in the vicinity. More than I could wrap my brain around, so that got shelved until tomorrow or next week. We, also, have some small home repairs that need to get priced and scheduled. 

Besides the upcoming wedding, one of our granddaughters has a birthday this month, and our youngest child (he's not been a child in a long time, but I digress) and his wife are expecting a baby by the end of the year. With the shower a few weeks after my daughter's wedding, I've found myself wandering to websites with baby paraphernalia. 

I think I'm just tired and need a nap.

Sorry for the ramble, but that's where I am this week. It's just an off week for me. Believe it or not, I am managing to cross things off my To Do list, but I'm not feeling productive. Hope y'all are having a more successful week.


Book Concierge said…
Man do I know how THIS feels! But I have absolute faith in you.
Thanks! It's great to know people believe in me even when I'm starting to doubt my sanity. LOL!

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