A Tower of Giraffes Video


Hi Everyone!

This is a quick post. I'm a bit frazzled trying to prepare for my daughter's wedding next week. Not to mention I lost a couple of days after getting the booster. That one set me back big time. Anyone else?

The world continues to spin, and giraffes are still endangered. If you're not following me on my Facebook Author page, you might have missed out on a Tower of Giraffes YouTube video my friend, Bill Kochuk, sent me. It's from a live cam in Namibia, and it's really cool.

Make sure you turn on your sound. Giraffes are noisy drinkers it turns out! Cool fact: giraffes often get their fluids from the leaves they eat, not from water holes like this one. For some reason, the creator of the video will only let you access it on YouTube as opposed to embed it here, so click this link  and Enjoy the video. 

If you look at the landscape, you can see why Adana suffered from claustrophobia once she was sent to Elwar. Also, notice how this tower of giraffes watches out for each other. It's a small water hole, and several of them keep WATCH (!) while the others drink. If you watch long enough, you'll see a point when they all go on alert, too. Really cool!

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