On the Conference Road Again

Conference season is underway, and I've seen lots of social media posts from my author friends about the science fiction/fantasy (sff) cons they've already attended. I wish I could attend all of the cons in my part of the world, but cons can get expensive. Never fear, my appearance schedule is ramping up this spring. Where can you find me? Read on!

My Conference Schedule

Women in Publishing Summit, Virtual, March 1-4

This virtual writing conference brings writers, authors, editors, publishers, PR specialists, podcasters, etc together for a lot of incredible workshops aimed at developing your publishing career. It's a great networking opportunity. I attended last year as a participant and made some rewarding connections, so I will be attending as a participant this year, too. (I didn't get around to applying as a presenter for this one, but I'm still going!)

JordanCon, Atlanta, April 21-23

This sff con focuses primarily on all things Wheel of Time and Robert Jordan. Yes, there are other fandoms discussed, but the attendees of this con love The Wheel of Time (TWOT) book series and/or TV adaptation. I attended for the first time last year and was blown away by the friendly and fun atmosphere as well as the depth and breadth of the Jordan fandom. I wish I had known such a large community existed online! Thanks to JordanCon, I've found them. Since TWOT heavily influenced my writing in The Watchers of Moniah, I loved meeting people who loved the series as much as me.

AtomaCon, North Charleston, SC, May 5-7

This will be my third year at this small sff con. Yes, it's small, and that means more opportunity to meet and mingle with people who love the same things you love. If you've never attended a con or don't like large crowds, this one is a great one to start with. Don't get me wrong though, there's a lot going on! You'll still get the same fandom panels and cosplay and entertainment at AtomaCon, just on a smaller scale. 

Imaginarium Convention, Louisville, KY, July 14-16

This conference has the flavor of an sff con blended with a writing and creatives conference. Aimed at anyone in the creative arena (writers, screenwriters, artists, actors, filmmakers, cosplayers, gamers, etc.), this conference offers a multitude of workshop and panel opportunities focused on improving your craft. This will be my third year at Imaginarium, too. AND if you're a creative but don't write in the speculative fiction genres, this conference spans all genres. They always bring in an amazing list of presenters, and this year the guest of honor is Terry Brooks! For Dracula fans, Dacre Stoker, the grand-nephew of Bram Stoker is an Imaginarium guest this year, too. (The picture with this post is from a panel I led here in 2022.)

CONjuration, Atlanta, November 17-19

A family oriented sff con with a heavy emphasis on the wizarding world of Harry Potter, this con offers a lot of fun and whimsical programming. My grandchildren LOVE this con, and it definitely does have a lot to offer for everyone young and old. You'll find authors, artists, fans, cosplayers, gamers, crafters and so much more. The panels on this one take a different slant than you might find at other sff cons. There are writing-related ones, but this con specializes in house sorting panels (try sorting rock stars, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Disney Princesses, etc.), fandom trivia, other fandom panels, what if panels, and lots of maker-related workshops.

Other Events

I'm not saying I won't be at other events at this point, but due to my prolonged illness following a very busy autumn, I missed the application window on several. Plus, I'm trying to make sure I give my immune system a chance to rejuvenate itself.

I would love to present at a few more writing conferences in the next year and attend a few more local and regional events and/or festivals. If you know of any or would like me to participate in one you're involved with fill out the Questions for Barbara form in the left panel of this page! You never know where else I might show up!


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