Keeping On My Toes

There's a lot keeping me on my toes these days!

First of all, announcing the winner of my latest contest.

Congratulations to Jane M, the lucky winner of my most recent newsletter contest. I'll be sending her a signed copy of The Watchers in Exile once I confirm her address. Want to be the next winner? Subscribe to my newsletter and get a free deleted scene from the beginning of The Watchers of Moniah

Second, you can now order Pieces of Her in paperback!

It's odd how many hoops I jumped through trying to get the paperback copy uploaded to Amazon, but it's there now. You can get Pieces of Her for 7.99.  For those of you who have gotten the ebook, thank you so much! This is my first self-publishing venture, so I wasn't sure what to expect. I'm pleasantly surprised at the response and hope to release another collection later this year.

Third, my granddaughter's sixteenth birthday is this month.

It doesn't seem possible. It feels like just yesterday that I hovered in the delivery room as she entered our world. She's lived with us almost eight years now, so we've been blessed to celebrate most birthdays with her. This year, she's asked to do an Escape Room with her friends instead of a Sweet Sixteen party. Works for me and sounds like a LOT more fun. I've never done an escape room. If any of you have any tips or tricks, they will be appreciated. Just leave them in the comments below!

Fourth, did you know there is a national contact lens shortage? 

Yep. When I saw the eye doctor for my annual appointment, we discussed a possible adjustment in my right lens. We weren't sure about it, so he ordered samples for me to try first. 

I saw the eye doctor during the one week in November-January when I was temporarily not sick, so it took a lot longer to compare the old and new lenses. The difference appeared negligible at first. The deciding factor ended up being my computer screen. While I was sick, I didn't do much on the computer. I managed most things from my iPad. Once I was well, I needed to get back to serious writing. I didn't notice it at first, but with the new lens, the computer screen had a weird greenish shadow to it. The text looked smaller, and I had to strain more to read it. That cinched it. I switched back and forth between the lenses several days to be sure, but a writer really needs to see their computer screen!

Now that I've ordered them, guess what? The lenses are back-ordered. I will run out of the samples and leftover lenses for my right eye before they come in. Unless, my eye doctor can surface a few more trial lenses for me. 

You might think, "So what?" 

Wellllll, I'm blind. I mean really blind. As in, if I want to read something in print without my contacts in, I need to hold it up to my nose. My glasses aren't great, so fingers crossed my eye doctor pulls off a miracle! If you see me out and about, squinting at everything, just pretend you didn't notice. LOL!

As I said, there's a lot going on! What about you? What's keeping you on your toes?


Valerie Norris said…
Oh, I hope the doc can find more lenses for you! When I get home we are going to do lunch! It’s been too long!
They seemed to think that they can get them in soon enough. Fingers and toes crossed (except for when I'm on my toes, LOL)!

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