JordanCon Fun

I'm interrupting my Don't Let Errors Ruin Your Submissions post series to share the fun of JordanCon 2023 with you.

JordanCon brings hundreds of fans of The Wheel of Time (TWOT) books by Robert Jordan together for a weekend. The cosplay is almost 100% TWOT and amazing to take in. I always get a kick out of the different takes on the various characters. This year saw a lot of Mat Cauthon and Moiraine with quite a few Aes Sedai, Children of the Light, and Asha'man added for spice. I'm always amazed at the time and forethought that goes into their cosplay!


I love the energy and fun these panels bring to the con, and I got to participate in four of them this year.

A Look Back at Season One of The Wheel of Time

L-R front: Preeti Chhibber, Jenn Northington, Jen Isgro
L-R back: Barbara Evers, Jason Denzel

In TWOT panel, I was older than the other panelists, so I brought a different perspective to the series and show. Plus, the other panelists have been heavily involved in discussing the books and shows on podcasts and online. After a rewatch for preparation, I have to say the changes in the show are growing on me. I am still unclear how they'll move forward since some storylines seem almost impossible now, but we'll have to wait and see. I was on a similar panel last year where I discovered most of the JordanCon fans say Mat is their favorite character. Of all of the main characters, he was my least favorite. It took me a while to realize these fans read the books in their teens while I read them in my thirties. Definitely shifts the perspective a bit, and I was able to share that this year. Thank you to those people who came up to me later and agreed with my comments. Nice to know I'm not alone!

How To Meet People In Bars (author networking)

L-R: Wayland Smith, Barbara Evers, Jim Nettles, Micheal Mammay, Yikes! Help me with his name...maybe Jason?, Vanessa Giunta

The networking panel focused on how to start up a conversation with other writers at a con and why building those relationships is important. Ironically, many of us on the panel could say we'd met in the bar at a con (commonly known as BarCon). You don't have to drink or be a drinker to make these connections. You just need to know where to find the writers who might become part of your writing tribe.

The Epic Panel on Epics

L-R Front: Kelly M. Frank, Michael Livingston, Gerald L. Coleman
L-R Back: Barbara Evers, Vincent M. Thorne

On the panel on epics, we first attempted to define epic. Our definitions varied but crossed over each other well. In the end, I think we agree that an epic has multiple points of view, lots of characters, extensive worldbuilding, and an array of cultures. We discussed our first introductions to epic fantasy and took it from there. I have to add that Micheal Livingston who wrote Origins of the Wheel of Time was part of this panel. I had recently heard a podcast interview with him discussing some of the historical figures who show up in the series, so I loved getting to meet him.

The Fungus Amongus (The Last of Us)

L-R: Barbara Evers, Christa Burton, Seth Lockhart, Amberthysts

The Last of Us, for me, was an unusual choice because I'm not a gamer, but I have seen the TV series. This panel was recorded (I'll see if I can share the link later) and the whole hour was rolicking fun. I brought a different perspective than the other panelists since they had played the game. Add that it occurred at 8:30 on Saturday night, so hilarity and good-natured bickering ensued. It was a lot more fun than fungus!

Authors Alley

In between panels, I met readers in Authors Alley and caught up with my writing tribe buddies. There are way too many people to list here, but I was excited to catch up with Kritter XD who moderated TWOT panel I participated on last year. Her cosplay is always amazing. She was Birgitte Silverbow on Saturday when we grabbed a photo together.

Kritter XD & Me

A few of the people who bought books got their pictures taken with a giraffe. I keep meaning to do this at cons, so if you see me at a con this year, please ask if I don't offer.

Fans of the books and giraffes!

A HUGE thanks to everyone involved in putting on this amazing conference. Lots of moving parts, lots of wheels in motion, and lots of hard work to pull off an event like this. You did it and I can't wait until next year! 

I came home on Sunday, tired but happy to have been a part of this great con once again.

Until next year!


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