Pool Goat and Unhinged, Moist Things

"Pool goat!"

More times than not, my granddaughter will make this announcement or, "No pool goat," on the way to school each morning. It's become a tradition.

What is a pool goat?

We pass a house on the way to the middle school that has an aboveground pool in the backyard. This pool must be dry because the goat is often in the pool. I'm trusting her observation here, because the house is close to an intersection, so I often don't think to look. I did look yesterday. I saw something on the pool ladder, but I didn't have time to register it as the aforementioned goat.

Last week, she informed me there are two goats. Often they are in the pool or on the ladder. Although this would be a great prank to pull on me, the frequency of her announcement and the fact I saw a goat in the driveway one day, supports her claim. Not only does she notice it, but it turns out her best friend knew exactly what she meant the other day when she said something about the pool goat. Turns out he watches for and announces the goat's presence to his family, also. Kids!

Any parent who drives their child to and from school can probably vouch for the oddities that might get said during these trips. Some days, we listen to audiobooks, but I end up pausing the story multiple times because one of the kids gets going on a thought or comment. Other days, we listen to the radio. Listen is a relative term here since a lot of chatter drowns out the radio station. Some days, I don't bother with the radio or audiobook because I can tell the kids are going to talk the whole time.

Yesterday was one of those days. It started with my granddaughter trying to avoid the temptation to bite my arm. I was backing out of the driveway and had my hand resting on the back of her seat. She's never tried to bite me before, so I was surprised.

Her response? "If you're going to put it there..."

Before you ask, she's sixteen! Not exactly the age you expect a bite from. And, no, she did not actually bite me. She just came really close.

I pointed out I was driving, and she could sit in the back if she was going to distract me like that. 

Her defense? "It was there. I was having a hard time resisting. I just wanted to unhinge my jaw and take a bite."

We joked about it, but her brother interrupted to say, "Unhinged. I don't like that word."

Which prompted her to say, "I don't like moist."

I knew she didn't like moist, so at the same time I was saying, "Unhinged, moist things."

Neither of them thought I was funny.

Then we saw the goat, and the conversation spun in another direction.

Yes, I'm an author. Yes, this post is random and unrelated to most of my posts. I make stuff up all the time, but this? This is not made up. Which goes to show you fact is stranger than fiction.

I might have to find a way to work a pool goat and unhinged, moist things into a story someday soon, though.


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