Three Reasons Why Authors Attend Fandom Cons

This week's post should have been a recap of a great weekend at AtomaCon in N. Charleston, SC. Unfortunately, my allergies turned into something contagious. Even though the doctor put me on antibiotics, I felt it unwise to attend. I don't always respond well to the one-and-only antibiotic I can take, so I needed to proceed with caution. This decision, although the right one, was very hard to make. AtomaCon is a small science fiction/fantasy/horror con (con), and it's a special one that offers a lot of great fun and panels.

Instead, I stayed home, bundled up on the couch and watched my friends' Facebook posts about the con. It looks like everyone had a fantastic time. Next year, I hope to be back! 

Occasionally, people ask me why I attend cons as an author guest. There are so many answers to that question!

As a fantasy author, nothing beats meeting people who enjoy the genre. Yes, authors hope to sell their books at cons. I won't deny that, but I really enjoy chatting with attendees and getting to know them. Also, I love catching up with fans from previous years. After you've attended a con, you begin to recognize and remember the people from the previous years. So, not only do I meet new people, but I reconnect with fans and subscribers to my newsletter each year. Never hesitate to approach an author. We're there to meet you and share our love of the genre or fandom.

Cons offer a variety of panels for their attendees. This year, I was scheduled for five panels. Panels give authors the opportunity to share their experience and knowledge with other people. I've always been someone who wants to help others. There's a reason I chose a career as a business and personal development trainer/coach, afterall. Cons give me the opportunity to help others in their journey to self-fulfillment whether it's writing or exposing a different way of looking at things.

Then there's my writing tribe. If you're not a writer, that term might not mean anything to you, but it's important to writers. The other authors at the cons have become my writing tribe. We care about and support each other. Since we live in a variety of places, cons give us the opportunity to see each other in person. Typically, hilarity ensues, but we, also, talk business, family, and life. Everyone needs a tribe.

These three reasons are enough for me. I'm blessed to write in a genre that offers many opportunities to get together with fans and other creatives.

Oh, and in case you missed it, my short story "The Magic of the Mountain" won the Palmetto Scribe
Best Short Story Award
this year at AtomaCon. I'm honored to receive this award since it's a readers' choice award. Thank you to AtomaCon and to everyone who voted! Congratulations, also, to Misty Massey, who won the Best Novel Award for her book, Kestrel's Dance.

If you want to read my story, you can find it in Pieces of Her, a collection of a few of my award-winning short stories.


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