Updates Galore

Lots of updates, so this is a catch-all kind of post.

To Begin With

Happy May the 4th Be With You Day!

Change in Con Schedule

Welp, I had planned to head to AtomaCon in North Charleston, SC tomorrow, BUT . . . I've come down with something. Nothing serious, but I won't be spreading any germs for the healthy attendees to pick up! I'm disappointed, to say the least.

The Watchers are Back in EBOOK!

The Watchers of Moniah trilogy is now available as ebooks at most of your favorite ebooks vendors. To celebrate, the prices have been discounted, so I hope you'll jump on that before the sale ends.

Find the books here:

  1. The Watchers of Moniah
  2. The Watchers in Exile
  3. The Watchers at War

Most Recent Blog Series Post

I've posted the eighth and last post to the Don't Let Errors Ruin Your Submission series. This post is a VERY important one for writers. I take a look at active voice and unnecessary words. Find the post here.

Two Recent Interviews

I had the honor of appearing on the Women in Fantasy YouTube show recently with founder, Janet Henker. 

Women Fantasy Authors Interview

A few days after that, I appeared on The Star Chamber podcast with the Holly Phillipe and Stephen Zimmer, the forces behind Seventh Star Press and the Imaginarium Convention. 

Recent Star Chamber Podcast

And a Favor

If you've read The Watchers of Moniah in the past and reviewed it or not, would you please go to the ebook links above and post a review? The reviews from the former publisher do not carry over to the re-released books. Unfortunately, the algorithms on the sales sites don't promote books unless they have a decent number of reviews. Your help is appreciated. AND if you post a link to your review in the comments of this blog post before midnight EDT on May 8, 2023, I'll enter you into a drawing to receive a free copy of my latest short story collection, Pieces of Her.

That's All Folks!

Well, at least, I hope it is.


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