Almost, But Not Quite

You almost got to see a full cover reveal today, but not quite yet. Sorry.

I found a mistake in the new cover for THE WATCHERS IN EXILE. Nothing major, but I want to fix it before I do the full cover reveal.

Today, I'm writing and planning to meet with one of my author friends, so I'm going to cut this post short. I promise a more interesting post next time. Meanwhile, you do get the new teaser for the cover.

FYI, if you were subscribed to my newsletter, you would have already seen the cover, just sayin'. You can subscribe here so you don't miss out on any advance information (as well as contests and freebies). Also, as a thank you for subscribing, I'll send you a free short story from The Watchers of Moniah.

On another note, I do have a few paperback copies left of the original covers for The Watchers in Exile and The Watchers at War. If you'd like to grab one before they're all gone, I'm offering them for $12 plus $5 shipping and handling. Just contact me here. (Note that this link goes to the contact form on my business website, Eversworks.)


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