Giraffe Trivia Winners!!

In case you missed this:

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In other news, if you haven't been following me on my Facebook Author Page or Instagram account, then you've missed out on a fun trivia game: Giraffe Trivia Tuesday!

Every Tuesday, I post a multiple-choice question about giraffes and invite people to guess the answer in
the comments. On Wednesday, I post the correct answer. I've been keeping score and hinting at the possibility of winning a prize.

With 18 total questions since mid-May, it's prize time, and here's the top 3 on the leaderboard:

Although several people have not missed a question, they, also, have only guessed once or twice. So, I felt like the fairer option would be to look at the percentage correct compared to the total number of questions. The chart above first shows the percentage of times they guessed and were correct, and the second score shows the number of times they were correct against the overall number of questions.

This puts JE M in the lead, followed by Denise B and Dwan H. Honorable Mention goes to Valerie N for participating the greatest number of times!

JE, Denise, and Dwan have won a prize. I will be in touch! Congratulations!!

Wish you'd been playing? Never fear! I will start a new game on October 3! Just look for the Tuesday posts around 9:21 AM ET every Tuesday.


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