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 “A tale of intrigue and romance, set in a unique and skillfully rendered world, THE WATCHERS OF MONIAH will keep readers riveted from first page to last. Highly recommended!”— David B. Coe/D.B. Jackson, author of the Thieftaker Chronicles

The Watchers of Moniah, Book One


An elite Watcher trainee, fifteen-year-old Princess Adana had everything going for her. Everything, that is, until her mother, the queen, dies. Too young to be queen herself, her mother’s last royal act is a decree that seals Adana’s fate—she’s to be sent to the neighboring Kingdom of Elwar for her own protection. She’ll be alone there, as the only person Adana knew in Elwar—her betrothed, Prince Serrin—dies at the same time as her mother.

The three-year stay in Elwar seems like a death sentence, as she will be separated from her telepathically-bonded giraffe and removed from her Watcher training. It only gets worse when she meets the person who will be teaching her about the rules of court protocol and politics—Serrin’s stepmother, Queen Quilla, a sharp-tongued woman who dislikes everything Adana stands for.

When a vision shows her the existence of Maligon—a tyrant thought killed twenty years prior—she realizes everything is not as it seems in the Four Kingdoms. Evil is at work in the shadows, and Maligon will stop at nothing short of total control over the Four Kingdoms. Will she be ready in time to claim her birthright, or will Maligon succeed with his malevolent plans?

The Watchers in Exile, Book Two

Who do you trust, when everything falls apart?

Attacked as she travels home to Moniah for her coronation, Princess Adana struggles to hold onto her kingdom. Driven from her heavily guarded caravan by soldiers she previously thought loyal, Adana follows the lead of the royal giraffes and flees to a small village in the Monian hinterland. Separated in the attack, her betrothed, Prince Kiffen of Elwar, is forced in the opposite direction, and he leads the survivors of the battle to the Border Keep between the two kingdoms.

Although isolated from each other, Adana and Kiffen can communicate through their telepathically-bonded royal giraffes, and together they seek to build an army to stop the traitor Maligon. Doing so may not be possible, though, as he has already overthrown the kingdoms of Belwyn and Teletia, and is using the couple’s betrothal to turn the people of both Moniah and Elwar against them as his army races across the savanna to capture the Seat of Authority in Moniah.

Maligon excels at turning loyal subjects into traitors, and Adana and Kiffen must find a way to trust not only each other, but those around them, while protecting themselves from within. Turncoats abound, and if Adana and Kiffen fail to recognize the ones in their midst, all hope will be lost for the Four Kingdoms.

The Watchers at War, Book Three

No throne, no crown!

Adana and Kiffen have retreated to the Border Keep like the refugees who swarm to them. With Maligon ensconced in Moniah and Kiffen’s stepmother controlling Elwar, the last of the Four Kingdoms has fallen to the traitor’s plots. All seems lost.

Now they must place their trust in the one-time tavern wench, Shana, as she struggles to convince the Watchers and Monians that she is their true queen. Is her destiny an honorable one, with fealty to Adana, the woman who gave her a taste of true freedom? Or treachery, as the wealthy queen of all Moniah?

While Adana and Kiffen struggle to hold on to the small island keep on the border between Elwar and Moniah, Princess Leera flees her mother’s rule and embarks on a journey to bring aid to her brother. Crossing the kingdoms isn’t safe, and this once-privileged princess has a lot to learn if she’s going to evade her mother’s men and make it to Kiffen in one piece.

With so much working against them and the traitor’s supporters hiding in plain view, Adana and Kiffen struggle to succeed while learning how to rule together. Can they truly unite their two kingdoms or will they forfeit and disappear forever?

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