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Welcome to Barbara V. Evers' official website. Here you will find a world of imagination and fun here.

Fantasy author, Barbara V. Evers, began storytelling at the age of four. She couldn’t read, yet, so she roped her Aunt Vivian into taking dictation for her. She is the author of The Watchers of Moniah trilogy and the two-time winner of the BEST FANTASY NOVEL IMADJINN AWARD. In addition, Barbara is a Pushcart Prize nominee and has won the Carrie McCray contest twice.  

Her short stories and essays have appeared in the best-selling anthology, Child of My Child: Poems and Stories for Grandparents, The Petigru Review, moonShine review, and Stupefying Stories.

Barbara loves giraffes so creating giraffe characters in the world of Moniah was a natural step in her world building. In the real world, giraffes suffer a silent extinction. What does that mean? They are dying out, but they don't get the publicity that many other endangered species receive. As a supporter of the efforts to save the giraffe, Barbara encourages you to read more about their plight on the Giraffe Conservation Foundation's website (GCF) and consider donating to this worthy cause. Barbara donates a percentage of her royalties to GCF and uses her writing to spread the word about this serious issue.

When she’s not writing, Barbara is a professional trainer, speaker, and freelance writer/editor who has
taught and written customized training programs for multiple clients including three local colleges. In addition, Barbara enjoys teaching and encouraging other members of the creative writing community through conference workshops and special events.

Barbara lives in South Carolina's Dark Corner with two of her grandchildren, her husband, Bruce, and a rescue dog named Roxy. 

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