Do You Know Your Watchers in Exile?

Last year, I created a crossword puzzle based on the first book, THE WATCHERS OF MONIAH. I've wanted to do one for each of the books in the trilogy, so today's post has the crossword puzzle for book 2, THE WATCHERS IN EXILE. If you haven't read it yet, this would be the perfect time to get the book.

The puzzle is below. You can work it here, or if you prefer, you can download the puzzle and answer key.

Missed the puzzle for the first book? You can find it in Do You Know Your Watchers?


3. What Maligon's followers call him
5. Used in funeral pyres
7. Where Adana exiles
9. Lady Elayne's surprising gift
11. Watcher sent to meet Mal'tute
12. Innkeeper in Roshar
13. Young page in Elwar's court
14. Helmyra used to make these for Donel

1. Color of cloth Leera requested from Helmyra
2. Kiffen exiles here
4. Friend turned traitor
6. Quilla's powerful but confusing gift to Leera
8. Leader of the temple in Roshar
10. Location of Gerguld's shop
11. Leera's father said she was this, not a lion


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