Even Authors Need Continuing Education

Even authors need to continue their writing education. Did you know that? At least, the ones who want to continue to refine their writing.

This week, I'm participating in the Women In Publishing Summit, a virtual writing conference that runs through Saturday. I've attended four sessions already, and it's been well worth my time and money. They've planned well and managed to provide something for all levels of experience.

I promise to share some tips next week, but, for now, I'll share the quote above from agent, Amy Collins.

FYI, she's correct. Yes, you should edit your work first, but if you stop there, you're not refining your work. It will never be the best it can be. It's hard. I know. Remember my post from two weeks ago?

Although this conference is closed to sales this year, there are plenty of writing conferences and workshops available to authors and writers. Feel free to share any you recommend in the comments.


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