Do You Know Your Watchers at War?

A few weeks ago, I shared a crossword puzzle based on The Watchers in Exile, so today I bring you the final puzzle (for now) of the third book of the trilogy, The Watchers at War

As before, the puzzle is below, but you can go here to get a printable version and the answer key.


3. Color of Adana's wedding dress
7. Name given the firestarter stick
8. Stone for the giraffe eye in Adana's crown
9. What Nuala called the Watcher who failed Suru
10. Vuur’s title as head glimmer maker


1. Used to collect the ingredients for glimmer fire
2. Number of giraffe who die
4. Leera's army eventually numbered this many
5. Rodent claimed by Shana
6. Adana's vision reveals Sarx & Quilla's army as this


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