Fantasy Weddings, Family Stuff, and Oh Yeah, Books!

Woo wee! What a few weeks!

Last time I posted, we were headed to my daughter's wedding in California. What an AMAZING celebration that was! With my daughter and her new husband's love for all things fantasy and science fiction, this wedding was a speculative fiction lover's dream. In fact, we may have been attending the Fairy Queen of Spring's wedding with all the enchanting touches.

Heidi had four adorable flower fairies armed with unicorn bubble blowers. 

Her brides fae wore ear cuffs—butterflies and dragonflies—while the matrons of honor wore elf ear cuffs. Oh, and she had one male brides fae whose ear cuff I covet—a dragon! 

I didn't get any photos of the grooms men's cuff links but each one was based on their particular fandoms:  Indiana Jones, Game of Thrones, Spider Man, Mandalorian, etc.

It never ceases to amaze me when I see the artistic talents of my children. Heidi spent months creating the full enchanted forest experience including fairy lanterns using tree stumps, moss, flowers, and jars. 

The music, was a fun mix pulled from some of Heidi’s and Jonathan’s favorites. The mothers came down the aisle to “Excellent Notion” from Sense and Sensibility, followed by the bridal party hamming it up to the “Windwaker Theme” from Zelda, Then the flower fairies and bride arrived to the tune of “My Father’s Favorite,” also from Sense and Sensibility. It all was fun, but the recessional was my favorite—"Bastian's Happy Flight" from The NeverEnding Story.  Of course, that connected perfectly to the photo booth with Falkor in the background of the pictures. (Courtesy of @ShutterboxLA.)

It was an exciting time for the two grandchildren who live with us. My grandson escorted Heidi down the aisle and looked very grown up and handsome in his new suit. He loves the suit and can't wait to wear it again. My granddaughter was tapped to be a junior brides fae and flower fairy herder. It was so adorable. We don't have the professional photos yet, so I don't have a photo of her "on the job," but she loved every moment of it and misses the four little sprites.

I won't drop names, but Heidi is in the film industry, so there were some very cool guests at the wedding, too.

So, now, I'm home and trying to get back on track. The grands got sick the minute we got home, so I lost an entire week while getting them well and back to school. 

On the heels of that, we had a baby shower celebrating the upcoming arrival of a new grandchild. 

AND my granddaughter's induction in the National Beta Society.

Crazy busy!

Shower decorations, my daughter-in-law and soon to arrive grandson, and 2 of my grandchildren.

Now it's my turn (unless the phone rings again this morning)!

There are some changes coming related to the books. I can't share just yet, but stay tuned.

I'm hoping to release a couple of short stories in The Watchers of Moniah world as well as a middle grade children's book on giraffes. More on that in a few months. There. I've said it. Now I must follow through. 

Meanwhile, I'm headed for CONjuration next week in Atlanta. I attended this Harry Potter and everything-fantasy con last year and had an absolute blast. I look forward to the same this year. If you're in the Atlanta area, come check it out. This is a family-friendly event and the conference organizers do a great job of creating an extraordinary fantastical and magical event. The price is still reasonable, so check it out.

I've got writing to do, so I'm gonna bow out now.

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Photo Credits: Noam Dromi, Barbara Evers, Elizabeth Reynolds, Casper Van Dien


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